New generation of removable paints for your car.

Introducing a new, patented peelable paint technology for your vehicle. The richest and most voluminous colors in the world. An infinite * number of colors. Easy to use and the highest quality result.

Unique foundation. Unique look.

We have developed and patented a unique technology that allows us to revolutionize the understanding of color for a car. Azolit’s colors are the richest and most voluminous in the world, and the number of 1.7 billion colors will not leave anyone indifferent.

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Saturation and volume

Saturation control

Each layer is richer and you can easily control it.

blue peelable removable auto paint

4 easy steps

See how the saturation and volume of your color changes with each layer. Click and see for yourself. Simple and effective.

Absolute color control

You can add any effect to your color without restrictions.

red dip removable peelable auto paint
blue dip removable peelable auto paint
glossy dip removable peelable auto paint

Details matter

Every little detail in your color is of the highest quality and unique appearance.

Mix colors

You have the ability to mix colors with each other and get an even more unique result. Everything is limited by your imagination.

chameleon azolit peelable auto paint removable paint

Remove easily and safely

Revolutionary removable paint system

Easy application, secure coverage and easy removal. Even after a long time.

Peelable removable auto paint dip paint

Finish coating

You can have any finish in ultra glossy, semi-glossy and matte finishes. All our topcoats are orange peel free and ultra smooth.

ultra glossy Peelable removable auto paint dip paint


Azolit can be easily dried naturally or in a special painting booth. It does not matter.

Top reliability

All inclusive

We know what you are worried about and we took care of it. Every detail of the safety of your coverage is taken into account at Azolit.

reliability ultra glossy Peelable removable auto paint dip paint

Temperature doesn't matter

You can be calm. Azolit can easily withstand temperature drops from -32 to +86 degrees Celsius.

Refuel calmly

Azolit coatings do not react to gasoline, thinners, dust * and other troubles.

reliability Peelable removable auto paint dip paint

Protection from ill-wishers

No one but you can remove your paint. We have come up with a special composition only with which it can be done.

You are a landmark

Your uniqueness

The technologies that we created are used only by us and now they are available to you. 1.7 billion of the most saturated and voluminous colors. Your uniqueness on the road is guaranteed. It is impossible to be inconspicuous.

peelable auto paint

Not just numbers

1.7 billion colors is not a marketing ploy. You have such a wide choice thanks to our intelligent system that calculates the smallest hue change on a 10-bit color scale.

most saturated glossy reliability Peelable removable auto paint dip paint

Widespread use

With Azolit materials, you can give a unique look not only to your car, but also to its interior, carbon fiber parts and even your phone case.

carbon most saturated glossy reliability Peelable removable auto paint dip paint

Best devices

The best materials require the best application solutions. We recommend to our customers to use only SATA HVLP spray guns. Using these spray guns you will get the best quality in every way.

sata hvlp spray gun peelable auto paint

Quality assurance

We are absolutely confident in the quality of our product and for this we give you a 25-year quality guarantee.

Be an exclusive distributor

Your best opportunity

You have the opportunity to become our exclusive distributor and make your business truly unique and take it to a new level. We are glad to each of you!

While you are thinking, others are already acting!

Australia has already joined us! Now you also have a chance to be in time and become the only one in your country. Be the best, be unique.

Distribution without limits

You can expand your business in any direction. Sell ​​to shops, dealerships, car services or use in your car service.


We are sure that you have not seen anything like this anywhere.


Terms of entry

Everything is individual

We will always find a common language with you, just find the right conditions for yourself.

On request

You can count on us

By getting the status of an exclusive distributor, you get not only a unique opportunity and a unique product, but also marketing and technical support 24/7, as well as you get a unique eco-system for easily creating any color in 5 minutes.

Every customer will be satisfied

You will receive exclusive pigments to create any Azolit color for 1000 vehicles.


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