Azolit Technology

1.7 billion colors

Just so many colors we are ready to offer you. This is reality, we work at full 10 bit color depth.


Azolit Paint has passed all laboratory tests and received certificates. We guarantee trouble-free use in all operating conditions and temperatures from -10 to + 85 degrees Celsius.

Simple use

You do not need to be a professional to paint your Azolit Paint. Our paints have an innovative basis which prevents many mistakes of beginners.

Any system

Azolit paint is not like any film, Plastidip or other similar paint in the world. We have a unique base that gives the coating a strong shine, saturation and reliability in use over time.

Dries quickly

Our base has special components that allow our paint to dry under normal conditions in 5 hours.

OEM Saving

If you want to use Azolit Paint in the Peelable (Liquid Film) system, be sure that your OEM coating will not be damaged over time and after removing Azolit Paint, the OEM coating will be in its original form.

Not just varnish

Topcoat Azolit can be 3 types, ultra gloss, matte and semi-gloss. Each of these varnishes gives a great saturation to paints, as well as a large protective layer of 120 microns per 1 layer.

Nothing scary

Azolit paint is not afraid of any external factors, spilled oil, gasoline, solvent and everything you can spill. You can be sure that your paint will always be at its best.