Make the world cooler together?

We have the largest assortment of paints in the world, while they are available to everyone.

Azolit Paint Franchise

1.7 billion colors

Just so many colors we are ready to offer you. This is reality, we work at full 10 bit color depth.

Color matching

Not all colors are presented on our website, you can send us just a photo on whatsapp or mail and you will get the desired color

Simple use

You do not need to be a professional to paint your Azolit Paint. Our paints have an innovative basis which prevents many mistakes of beginners.

Any system

You can buy Azolit Paint in any of the possible systems. We present you water-based paints, polyurethane, acrylic, removable paints (Peelable). You get any color in any system.

The franchise model is extremely simple profitable for the your business.

Big discounts

Franchisee receives our product with a big discount 46%


Without commisssion

Any place

You do not need to look for a specific place to work, to buy expensive equipment. Our paints allow you to work both in spray booths and in the garage, without a single problem.

Modern technologies

Azolit paint is not like any film, Plastidip or other similar paint in the world. We have a unique base that gives the coating a strong shine, saturation and reliability in use over time.

Franchisee Status Terms

Flat fee

Our lump-sum payment is 110.000 USD.


The minimum amount for the purchase of paints for the warehouse is 1.2 Million USD. In return, you get a special eco-system with which you can make any color on the spot, the volume is designed for 1000 cars.

A desire to work

The most important thing is a great desire to work and occupy a huge part of the market.

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